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Quantifying Brand Codes

How do we codify what resonates with consumers in order to scale and grow? A haircare brand born out of Bushwick; Amika’s breakthrough products and packaging has made it a multi-million dollar brand. Outgrowing the confines of Brooklyn the brand asked themselves, “who are we?” GoodQues tapped into machine learning with IBM Watson and quantitative studies to define the appeal that organically fueled the brand. The insights were translated into brand positioning, personality and tone of voice; allowing the brand to scale nationally.

What we did:

  • AI-powered Research
  • Nationwide Study
  • Consumer Insights
  • Positioning Strategy
  • Brand Personality
  • Tone of Voice
  • Brand Workshop

People + Brand: A Love Story

One of the top natural hair care brands in Sephora, Together Beauty launched with an extraordinary product developed by the chief mixologist and founder himself, Sam. The brand had the perfect formula in the bottle, but needed to perfect the formula for the brand. GoodQues delivered a data-informed Tone of Voice and communications hierarchy, marrying target audience insights with the "je-nais-se-quois" of Sam in order to sharpen the story-telling online and in-stores.

What we did:

  • Trend Insights
  • Brand Mission
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Comms. Hierarchy