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We want to bring a new perspective to the table, a human one.

Dragonflies have a 95% hunt success rate. Making them the most effective hunters in the world!
Holland Martini. Favorite statistics
Einstein puts it best, "One cannot help but be in awe when one contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality…"
Holland Martini. Why I love my job
4% of all lost remotes end up in the fridge/freezer
Allie King. Favorite Statistic
No idea is ever TOO much at GoodQues; a cartoon or a talking potato chip that explains purchase data in the U.S.! We push the boundaries of research and I’m never bored!
Allie King. Why I love my job
1 in every 3 adults sleep with a stuffed animal or other "comforting object"
Sarah Colbert. Favorite Statistic
Waking up everyday knowing that I get to collaborate with bright, hilarious, and truly kind humans. It makes building timelines all the more fun!
Sarah Colbert. Why I love my job
People are fascinating. Especially once you look past behavior into emotions and motivations – well then, hemorrhoid solutions become just as sexy to research as expensive cars!
Maria Vorovich. Why I love my job
People are 22x more likely to remember a fact when it has been wrapped in a story!
Maria Vorovich. Favorite Statistic
90% of Irish people give to charity every year and Ireland has been ranked as the most charitable country per capita 3 years running!
Hannah Preston. Favorite Statistic
GoodQues rips up the rulebook; we do things differently, we challenge the status quo, we come up with crazy ideas (and we never stop making each other laugh along the way!)
Hannah Preston. Why I love my job
The people we get to talk to everyday for research and the people (my team) that I get to work with, learn from, and laugh with everyday!
Michelle Melzer. Why I love my job
90% of the ocean is unexplored!
Michelle Melzer. Favorite Statistic
"Bookkeeping" is the only word in the English language (in the USA) which contains 3 double letters back to back.
Josmil Reyes. Favorite Statistic
My career gives me the ability to live the 3FS lifestyle (Freedom, Family, and Financial Stability).
Josmil Reyes. Why I love my job
Building connections between companies that can benefit from each other makes my heart sing!
Laura Levitan. Why I love my job
One-third of adults still sleep with a comfort object.
Laura Levitan. Favorite Statistic
Dr. Shukhman, PHD*
Chicago, IL
**Rated top 10 psychiatrists in the Chicago area
Dr. Brodoff, PSYD
New York, NY
Dr. Williams, PHD
Ada, OK
Robert Remez, PHD
New York, NY